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On June 12th, 2020, six powerful Black female leaders and experts came together to co-create The Allyship Awareness Forum Live Event. This event was created with the intention of opening the eyes of allies of minoritized communities to the long-standing effects of systemic racism. And, to help them become aware of and become better equipped to begin the work of dismantling their own privilege.

The world was starting to wake up to the realities of systemic racism and the impact of how those racist systems and ideals are affecting the Black, Brown and other minoritized communities. Allies were waking up and sharing their desire to help change the system. The intentions were good, but the results were ineffective.


This forum was created as a listen and learn event for allies of Black lives to learn how to take the first steps on the journey of becoming an effective ally. This book was inspired from that live event.


This book contains real, simple, digestible, action steps, that you can immediately take, to begin the work of dismantling your privilege and becoming an ally for Black lives.


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The Intimacy of Race Book Autographed
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About Eva Medilek


Eva Medilek is an Executive Certified High-Performance Coach. She has coached both men and women in the areas of personal development, leadership and mastering habits for success in their personal and professional lives.
She specializes in helping busy professionals have more money, time, and success without sacrificing health, well-being and relationships in the process.
Eva knows, first hand, how a driven personality type can leave you feeling lonely, disappointed, frustrated and resentful. You can achieve higher levels of success without sacrificing your health, well-being and relationships.
She uses her personal experiences along with her leadership, transformational and high performance training to teach you the pillars of high performance as well as showing you how to communicate in a way that fosters intimacy, influence and connection in your personal and professional life.